The Charter Foundation has adopted the following guidelines for making grants to worthy charities.

The Foundation will consider grant applications from educational, healthcare, medical research and other charitable organizations that seek to meet the needs of people primarily in the Greater Philadelphia Area. All grant applications will be filed over the internet as explained under the Online grant Application prompt and will be reviewed and approved or denied by The Board of Trustees.

Before applying for a grant, prospective grant applicants should first consider whether they meet all of the following eligibility requirements. Eligible applicants should be:

  • An Organization that is a public charity exempt from taxation under Sections 501(c) (3)  and either 509(a)(1) or 509 (a)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code and has a letter from the IRS confirming such exemption
  • An Organization that provides vital human services of one or more of the types described above and in the Foundation's Mission Statement. Other charitable organizations referred to in the Mission Statement is intended to include most of such organizations, except those potential recipients identified below which are specifically excluded. (See our links describing Arts and Culture, Education, Environment, Healthcare and Human Services)
  • A charitable Organization that is based in the Greater Philadelphia Area and/or serves either primarily local , or a substantial segment of, Greater Philadelphia Area populations.

The Charter Foundation will generally not make grants to the following:

  • Individuals
  • Political Action Committees
  • Political candidates or campaigns
  • Political advocacy organizations or groups
  • Private charities
  • Organizations based or providing services predominantly outside the Greater Philadelphia Area, unless the grant is for a local chapter or initiative within the Greater Philadelphia Area
  • Organizations or initiatives, whether or not local, where the funds granted might be used to benefit populations outside the United States
  • Customary Environmental initiatives (see our Environment page)

Organizations must pass an eligibility quiz to be considered for a grant.

The allocation of resources directed to the priority program areas will vary from year to year based on the requests for funds we receive. Please see program area pages on this website for additional information.

The following attachment Grants_2016.pdf describes our most recent grants.