Frequently Asked Questions
Below you will find some of the commonly asked questions along with answers which may be helpful. If you require more information or your question is not listed below please contact us so we can address the issue.

What does The Charter Foundation do?
The Charter Foundation makes cash grants to charities that provide education, healthcare, medical research and other human services that fulfill other needs for people primarily in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Charities must pass an eligibility quiz to be able to apply. The Trustees of The Foundation determine which grants will be approved.
Who is not eligible for grants from The Charter Foundation?
The Foundation does not generally give grants to individuals, political, fraternal and/or civic organizations, or other private foundations. Additionally, we do not participate in annual appeals, annual event sponsorship requests or other letters of solicitation. Please see Priorities for Grantmaking on this website for a complete list of exclusions.
How do we apply to be considered for a grant?
All applicants are required to pass the online eligibility quiz prior to making the grant request. Once you have passed the test, you will be asked to fill in an online application and upload all required documents (USING GOOGLE CHROME AS YOUR BROWSER) prior to staff review and then Board review. Please see our Grantmaking tab. If you have questions about your eligibility, please write to . Subsequent acknowledgements and progress reports should be submitted online through your portal only. The progress report portal can be found at: We do not accept reports by mail or to to be added to any mailing lists or email distribution lists.
Who selects the grant recipients?
The grant recipients are selected by the Trustees of the Foundation.
Does the Foundation support capital campaigns, equipment purchases, endowment or operating funds?
The Foundation will consider requests for capital expenses, equipment purchases, endowment or operating costs. Please see the the answer to the Who is Not Eligible question above.
Are there any program areas The Foundation will not support?
The focus of the Foundation is to help people and applications for Arts and Culture, Education, Healthcare, Environment, and Human services will all be considered. We generally will not consider grant applications for customary environmental initiatives. See our Environment link.
Does The Charter Foundation make multi-year grants?
The Foundation will consider multi-year grants. However, these will be limited by our existing commitments and limited resources.
Will we need to arrange a site visit prior to being considered for a grant?
There will be times when we will request a site visit. The Trustees conduct their own site visits. This will usually occur during the time period when the application is going through its initial review process. However, some applications will go to the Trustees and be held open pending a site visit and requests for further information.
Does the Foundation want recognition for its grants?
The Charter Foundation does not seek or want publicity for the grants we make. The Foundation reserves and requests the right to review and approve all written or spoken public announcements which use The Charter Foundation’s name. Please contact our Executive Director with your announcements so that we may approve them.