Grant Application Process

The Charter Foundation uses an online grant application process for all steps of the grant application, acknowledgement and progress report process. Please do not send mailed requests for funds, or add The Foundation to your annual giving appeal, newsletter or mass mailing lists. All communications should be electronically through this website.

Organizations wishing to apply for a grant must follow the process as outlined below, submitting all information and forms through our online application portal which will be sent if you pass the Eligibility Quiz.

  1. The first step will be to fill out an Eligibility Quiz. Dependent on your answers to the eligibility quiz, you will be sent an email with either a link to complete a full grant application, or notice that you are not eligible to apply at this time.
  2. Eligible applicants will be sent a link inviting you to fill out a grant application. Your same login credentials used to complete the eligibility quiz will be used to access the grant application. Please read the required grant application documents section below prior to filling out the grant application.
  3. Applicants selected to receive grants will be asked to confirm receipt of the funds received, through their acknowldgement portal. You will be asked to verify that your tax status remains unchanged, and you will be able to attach your formal acknowledgment letter, which would have been mailed, when logging into the Acknowledgment Portal with your same login credentials.
  4. All applicants receiving grants will be asked to provide a progress report when the funds are used, how they were used, their impact, and changes experienced, no later than one year after receipt of a grant. This will be done only through the Progress Report Portal, which you can access with your same login credentials.

Please apply early to ensure that your request will be on the next Board meeting agenda. If your request and all of the attachments listed below are not complete, then you will not be put on the agenda. 

We request that an organization rest for a year after being funded, and only apply every other year.

If you have a website that provides any of the requested information or additional information relating to your application, reference may be made to such web site in completing the online form.

Grant Application Required Documents:


All applications must be accompanied by four uploaded documents and a workbook that must be filled in and uploaded into the application portal 

  • Download our financial Workbook Here, and complete both worksheets and upload in the application portal when completed. The workbook will ask for; 1. A full year's P&L showing all income and expenses broken down by program, management and fundraising classes. 2. A current balance sheet compared to the same date the prior year.
  • An Audited Financial Statement
  • A copy of your letter from the IRS confirming your exemption from taxation under section 501(c)(3) of the IRC
  • A list of the last fiscal year's ten or more largest funders, and amounts
  • A list of the Board of Directors/Trustees

Please keep your login and password used to access the Eligiblity Quiz, as it will be used to access all the portals in the grant application, acknowledgement and progress report process.



Progress Reports

In order to be eligible to receive another grant (after resting at least one year), grantees must submit a progress report through their portal wihin one year. They can also use the link: